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Hello, Seattle Ultimate Enthusiasts,

Below is a sample of the summer youth Ultimate announcements that pertain
most to players of all ages. Note that this is about half of the total
announcements sent to the youth mailing list earlier today.  If you would
like to receive regular announcements about youth Ultimate, please sign up
for the youth email list at

1. Youth Ultimate on Television
2. Washington State High School Championship Finals
3. YCC Head Coach Applications
4. YCDHL Coaches Needed
5. Spring Tournament Volunteer Thank-You
6. Ultimate Peace: Send a Middle Eastern Child to Ultimate Peace Camp

1. Youth Ultimate on Television

Last week, part one of the “Beginners Guide to Ultimate” aired on the AAA
Washington Varsity News. Part two will air this coming Wednesday, May 26. It
will feature highlights of the Ballard vs. Bush coed spring league final
played at Magnuson Park last Saturday, and possibly highlights from the
girls' and boys' state championship finals occurring this Wednesday.

The show airs Wednesday, May 26 at 10.30pm on FSN and can also be seen on
Comcast On Demand or at www.thevarsitynews.com.

2. Washington State High School Championship Finals

The finals for the Washington State High School Championship take place this
Wednesday, May 26, from 4:30-6:00 pm at the Magnuson Park Mickey Merriam
Field #7.  On the boys' side, The Bush School and The Northwest School
battle for the title, and on the girls side, Nathan Hale High School and The
Northwest School fight it out.  Admission is *free* to see the top high
school Ultimate in Washington State (and some of the best in the country, in
our humble opinion).

3. YCC Head Coach Applications

DiscNW is now accepting applications for the Youth Club Championship (YCC)
team head coach positions.  Applications are due May 28.  For more
information about YCC and a job description, please visit the following
webpage: http://www.discnw.org/youth/club/2010/coaches.html

4. YCDHL Coaches Needed

Coaches are needed for the Youth Club Draft Hat League, which runs Friday
nights June 11-August 6.  Responsibilities include helping the team captain
to select his/her team, coaching a single-gender team of 8-12 graders of
widely varying skill, collecting and submitting required player/team
paperwork (rosters, waivers, medical authorization forms, chaperon
forms,etc.), managing team communications, and following all DiscNW policies
and guidelines.  There is a modest stipend associated with this coaching
position.  If you are interested, please contact DiscNW Director of Youth
Operations Wynne Scherf at youth.director at discnw.org.

5. Spring Tournament Volunteer Thank-You

DiscNW greatly appreciates the following volunteers, whose substantial
contributions were essential to the successful implementation of two youth
huge tournaments this spring: Spring Reign and the UPA High School Western
Championships.  Many kind regards to Jeff Jorgenson, Rusty Brown, Frank Nam,
Rich “Fraggle” Coker, Mary Lowry, Sarah Koznek (Toolbox), WWU Chaos, UW
Element, Huckin’ Easy coed team, Tsunami coed team, Callie Mah (Chaos), Mike
Santana (Olympia), Henry Phan (Franklin HS), Matt Schaft (Tsunami), John
McCormack and Joann Mizzi (Rubix), Heather Ann Brauer (Salmon Bay), Miyo
McGinn (Salmon Bay), Tian Qing Yen (Salmon Bay), Cead Nardie-Warner (UPS
Postmen), Kevin Chambers (UPS Postmen), Margaret Bay (Bright Water Waldorf),
Rose and Mike Boyle (SCDS), Jane Kuper (SCDS), Janet Hanify (SCDS), Frank
Woodruff (SCDS), Peggy Rice (JSIS, SCDS), Dana Raugi (ENUF), Eckstein MS
teams, Charles Wright Academy MS and US teams, Seattle club teams Sockeye
and Riot, and countless parents from youth teams who offered their help
during the tournaments.

6. Ultimate Peace: Send a Middle Eastern Child to Ultimate Peace Camp

Please see the message below from Natan Lee-Engel, Seattle youth player.

"Dear Youth Ultimate Players, Coaches and Parents,

As the high school season wraps up in the United States, kids in Israel and
Palestine are getting excited to attend a camp this summer, run by some of
the best coaches and players in the world.  They are running come-to drills
on stone basketball courts and dirt fields with frisbees we brought them
last spring.  While they are so much like us in their love for the game and
their use of spirit to learn better communication skills for life (and
hopefully to promote peace in their backyard which has been seared with
conflict), they are also very different from us.  These kids have very few
opportunities in life.  Kids in one Palestinian town can see the
Mediterranean Sea from their mosque, but cannot travel there because they
are not allowed to cross the border into Israel.  Kids in a southern Israel
village worry daily that there will be bombs coming in from Gaza.  While
Ultimate Frisbee cannot stop bombs or change border crossings, it can help
connect these kids to each other so they will be more likely to communicate
in the future and enjoy lasting friendships through sports.  Unfortunately,
these kids cannot pay to send themselves to the Ultimate Peace camp (see
http://www.discnw.org/documents/Ulti-Mates2010.pdf), American teams can
sponsor one player by raising money.  This would be an amazing effort for
any team, but would be particularly meaningful coming from youth playing
ultimate in America.  Please look at the flyer (
http://www.discnw.org/documents/Ulti-Mates2010.pdf) and consider helping a
youth attend the Ultimate Peace camp this summer by sponsoring them.  If you
have any questions, please feel free to email us back.

Thanks so much,

Miranda Roth, Khalif El-Salaam, and Natan Lee-Engel
Small Fryz Ultimate/Northwest School/Nathan Hale Raiders/SAAS
Cardinals/Seattle Moho"

That's it for now!  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or
comments related to youth ultimate in the Northwest: wynne.scherf at discnw.org

Wynne Scherf
Director of Youth Operations

Wynne Scherf
Director of Youth Operations

Sign up for one of our summer Ultimate camps!

Seattle: http://www.discnw.org/events/SeattleUltimateCamps.html

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