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Hello DiscNW community,


I hope that you all had a happy Mother's Day!


In ultimate related news..


1)      Summer Leagues Registration

2)      Ultimate Peace

3)      YCC Coaching Applications

4)      Northwest School Girls Are Champions




Summer Leagues Registration


Registration is open for all DiscNW summer leagues.


Summer Team League - http://www.discnw.org/events/SummerTeam.html

Summer team league is for new or established coed teams and has something
for various skill levels. The league has four divisions, and teams are
placed in each division based on their experience to ensure close
competition.  Registration closes on May 26.


Summer Corporate League - http://www.discnw.org/events/SummerCorporate.html

The corporate league is for teams comprised of employees from a company who
want to play other companies. Some companies sponsor their teams' league
fees. The league has a wide range of skill levels but is primarily for
beginners who want to have fun with their work colleagues.  Registration
closes on May 26.


Summer Coed Hat League - http://www.discnw.org/events/SummerHat.html

Participants in the summer hat league represent a wide range of skills and
age groups. Many players who start in Verns league or the High School
leagues continue to hone their skills in the summer hat league. The league
is geared towards beginner and intermediate-level players, and is a great
way to meet new people.  


Summer Men's Hat League - http://www.discnw.org/events/SummerMensHat.html

The men's league is a hat league that was started in 2003 to provide more
opportunities for men's ultimate in the Seattle area. Historically, there
are more men interested in playing summer hat league than spots available.
The men's hat league is a way to provide another option for summer ultimate.
This year the league will be geared towards intermediate and advanced
players and college players home for the summer.


Summer Masters Hat League -

Tired of chasing those twenty-something's around the field? Are you a
veteran player ready for some fun, complex, thinking-person's ultimate?
Then the Master's Hat League is for you. Geared for men AND  women players
over 30, the Summer Master's League is a great way to connect with the
vibrant community of the Northwest's veteran players



Ultimate Peace


DiscNW would like to pass along a few important messages from Ultimate


Ultimate Peace is a young, non-profit organization that works in the Middle
East with local Palestinian, Jewish Israeli and Arab Israeli youth to
introduce them to our sport and the inherent notion of athletic mutual
respect. There are 12 members of the Seattle Ultimate community going this
summer to work toward the mission of spreading Peace through Spirit Of The


Become an Ulti-mate

Ultimate Peace is a lot of things but, for us it presents an opportunity to
recognize what Ultimate has brought to our lives, and use it as a means to
give back on a grand scale.  So we're reaching out to the local league
Ultimate community in the hopes that your team will support a single camper
this summer, to become what we're calling an Ulti-mate.  Not just a great
pun, but a great idea. As an Ulti-mate team, your team would be supporting a
young person on the other side of the world by sharing with them the special
community and camaraderie fostered by the game we love.  You would be
helping to build positive connections not only between kids growing up
surrounded by conflict, but also between them and yourself.  For more
information, download the flyer:

Party for Peace! 

Come out to Nectar in Freemont on June 9th and dance the night away with
live music, tasty drinks and good people. Proceeds from the door and 10% of
drink sales all go toward Ultimate Peace, a young, non-profit organization
that aims to build bridges of friendship and understanding for youth from
different social and cultural backgrounds around the world with the mission
of spreading Peace through Spirit Of The Game.

Email: info at ultimatepeace.org. 
Visit our website to learn more, or see pictures, interviews and slide-shows
from last year at www.ultimatepeace.org



YCC Coaching Applications


DiscNW is currently hiring three head coaches for its summer Youth Club
Championship teams. To read the job description and access the application,
please visit the application page:



Applications are due Friday, May 28. Questions? Contact ycc at discnw.org.



Northwest School Girls Are Champions


This past weekend, the Northwest School won gold in the girls division of
the 2010 UPA High School Western Championships in Burlington, WA. They
defeated Cathedral from St. Cloud, MN in the finals by a score of 13-10. 


For more information and results: 

*	http://hs-westerns2010.upa.org/
*	http://hs-westerns2010.upa.org/results/girls
*	http://hs-westerns2010.upa.org/results/open








William Bartram

Executive Director, DiscNW



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