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The summer season is nearly here!

In other May ultimate news.....

   1. DiscNW Annual Meeting
   2. Field Day 2014
   3. Youth Leadership Camp
   4. Painted Lines on the Sports Meadow

*1.  DiscNW Annual Meeting*

The 2014 DiscNW Annual Meeting will take place this Sunday, June 1 in the
Brig at Magnuson Park at the conclusion of the Spring League playoffs.

Light refreshments will be served. Beer (thanks Georgetown Brewery!) and
soft drinks will be available to DiscNW players.

At the meeting, we will briefly discuss DiscNW business and celebrate the
northwest ultimate community.

*2.  Field Day 2014*
Registration is now open for Field Day 2014:

Field Day is a fundraising event to support the Youth Development Fund.
Everyone - from seasoned veterans to beginners, from professional players
to Verns League players to Spring Elementary School League players - is
encouraged to play in this fun event! Bring your friends, parents, nieces,
and nephews and introduce them to this awesome sport while supporting
DiscNW's youth ultimate programming throughout the region.

In addition to the Ultimate games in the morning, we will provide a picnic
lunch and carnival/skills games in the afternoon. . .with prizes!

The event will take place from 9am to 3:30pm at Magnuson Park Sports
Meadow.  Players should arrive at 8:30am to warm up and sign in.

*3.  Youth Leadership Camp*

Ultimate Leadership Camp is a new addition to the Seattle Youth Ultimate
Camps this year! This will be a one-week single gender program to build
ultimate related leadership skills for emerging 16-19 year old leaders.

Girls Ultimate Leadership Camp - June 23-27
Boys Ultimate Leadership Camp - August 18-22

Both camps run 8:30am-3:30pm each day at Magnuson. Camp fee - $275.
Financial Aid is available.

The unique player-directed nature of ultimate demands leadership from each
and every member of a team. Ultimate Leadership Camp will develop the
skills that player-leaders need: leading by example, providing peer-to-peer
feedback, speaking in huddles, running drills and more. During the morning
half of each day, students will have an opportunity to learn practical
skills, practicing them first through role-playing and walk-throughs, and
then actually using these skills as leaders of middle-school students
involved in the Seattle Youth Ultimate Camps. Each practical experience
will be followed by discussion and reflection. During lunch throughout the
week, campers will have a convocation with an experienced adult leader from
the Seattle ultimate community. Afternoons during camp will focus on a
traditional ultimate practice that will simultaneously improve playing and
leadership skills.

*4.  Painted Lines on the Sports Meadow*
This summer, there will be yellow ultimate field lines painted on the grass
Sports Meadow at Magnuson Park!  There is a map with notes about the new
lines on the DiscNW fields page: http://www.discnw.org/fieldareas/291/

We hope that league and camp participants enjoy having the lines for summer

William Bartram
Executive Director, DiscNW
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